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Dear Demetrios and Odysseus:


I want to thank you for the most professional repair of my GMC pickup. I know that not only was this a major amount of work involved in numerous systems, air-conditioning, anti-lock brakes, ignition, suspension and tuning, but that it as well resulted in your working through the weekend and delivering my vehicle to me early Sunday afternoon. I LEFT IT AT CLOSING FRIDAY AFTERNOON AND RECEIVED IT PERFECTLY REPAIRED SUNDAY EARLY AFTERNOON!! Plus a couple things you did that I am sure I forget. Every system was repaired flawlessly with genuine replacement parts at a fantastic price. This is a 1992 GMC 1500 now restored to new condition thanks to your hard work and expertise in automobile mechanics.


As a retired Navy Master Chief, I was immediately impressed by the professional appearance of your shop and your personnel. As an old man that grew up in my uncle's 30-year plus hometown garage, I am impressed by your ethics and professionalism as an old-time type, hometown garage. You have my continued automobile repair and maintenance business. There is no shopping for value; I shopped for a long time before finding you guys.


I was referred to you by a long-time customer Ms. Lynette Auberjeunois. A few weeks ago before you worked on my vehicle she had emergency repair needs and I gave her transportation when her vehicle had to be towed. I saw the kind and considerate manner you treated her with. After the repairs were done, I saw the fair and respectful invoice for work done. A few months before this she told me of another emergency situation where you guys treated her exactly the same. I can honestly say I feel I was afforded the very same treatment. For all of the above, we both thank you.


We both hope you will post this letter, for new customers, as this paragraph is for those who are new to your shop. As a retired Navy Master Chief, on a fixed income - so to speak, I trust the maintenance and repair of my vehicle to Demetrios and Odysseus. I know without a doubt that the amount I am charged is proper for the quality and guarantee of any REPAIR OR MAINTENANCE of any vehicle I own. They took my favorite old pickup truck (that I was considering trading in) and put it back to running like new and ready for many more camping trips. Imagine what they can do for you!


Demetrios and Odysseus, I thank you for a very fair deal and the quality of the mechanics under your employ! Please pass these thanks along to them. Your employees deserve a pat on the back!!


Sincere thanks,

George Collins

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